Grass Balls

Grass Balls: The latest adventure craze that is the best entertainment for those adrenalin junkies. Run inside the ball or just bump, bounce or race with another ball and have so much fun! A wet or dry ride is possible with the Grass Balls. In warmer weather and pending the occupant's comfort with water, a little water is added inside the Grass ball to allow for a splash and cooling effect with added fun. Want more? … Add more water and run or slide down a hill or on our Roll-a-Slide. Absolutely the Ultimate Fun Experience!

ZORB BALLS (Round Ball)
We have 2m and 3m Zorb Balls. Suitable for kids and Adults. Maximum weight is 100kg.

ROLLER BALLS (Cylinder/Barrel Ball)
2.5m and 2.8m in length. Takes 1-4 Kids at a time depending on size and weight of the kids.
Kids love it … having fun with their friends right next to them
Suitable for kids from 3 -12 years. Not suitable for adults.

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