Indoor & Outdoor Games

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A classic party game for young and old. Loosen up and limbo down! How low can you go? Keep lowering the bar until the last person is standing. Or, should we say bending? The kit contains two wooden upright poles, 1.65m tall. The cross-beam (also 1.65m in length) is moved up and down on the slots found on the uprights – turn on the music and have fun.

This Pick-up Sticks set is a fantastic fun version of the smaller table top game. Each giant stick measures 90cm and 2cm in diameter and there are thirty pick-up sticks in total. The Pick-up Sticks are produced from a strong hardwood and painted in Black, Green, Yellow, Blue and Red and have tapered and rounded ends that make them safe, fun and long lasting. Each colour is awarded a different point's score for pulling or lifting them from the pile without disturbing other sticks.


A classic game - played in a traditional way with a new twist! Players physically move around the board at the throw of the inflatable dice. The winner is the first to move from one corner of the mat to the finish. A few twists on the original rules result in even more fun and laughter! This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. The kit includes a thick PVC playing mat (3m x 3m) that can be folded up for ease of storage, pegs to hold the mat in place, giant inflatable dice and easy-to-follow instructions.

The games of bowling and skittles are similar but different. Most people are familiar with ten-pin bowling which has a single lane or "alley." However, the skittles game does not have an alley, and has 9 "skittles or pins" in total which are set-up in a square formation, not as a triangle.